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Radically improve on processes, style & culture

A map and navigation system to grow engagement, performance and wellbeing in a single visual system with low reporting and administrative burdens and shift overnight towards more strategic HR with tangible returns. More than ten different best practices become embedded as business-as-usual employee management processes.

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Earnings & returns growth certainty

5% growth in employee engagement grows operating income by 0.7%. A 1% growth in trust means a 2% growth in revenues. Both are enabled through this AGI model, giving leaders a bird's eye view and a ground-up perspective of all people management areas.

Trusted machine learning 

Real-world reinforcement learning system combining different programs to cut disengagement. Improve productivity, well-being, costs and other areas. If data is unreliable, this will quickly show. Where data doesn't exist, the model can ingest and scale in intelligence with high levels of trust at every level and rich, actionable insights.

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CXEX Closed Loop Model.jpg

Sophisticated all-in-one

HCM solution makes employees and customers as important as each other with lots of common sense, robust and logical reasoning, and adaptive learning within closed-loop CXEX. A single visual model summarizes hundreds of spreadsheets with practical and meaningful insights. Human-centred design is an unmistakable hallmark.

Schenigan free AGI

Like Warren McCulloch's novel approach to engineering problem solving, we offer a reverse-engineered AI and machine learning model without almost all of the headaches plaguing data science or machine engineering disciplines.

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