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'AI's future depends on someone deeply suspicious of everything I have said.... throw it all away and start again' Geoffrey Hinton


AI from moron to master gamer to UBI financier

If AGI were a person by its 30th birthday it will have gone from moron to games master through to the worlds first financier of UBI.

Moron to Games Master to UBI Financier.jpg

AGI for UBI & poverty eradication

Elon Musk said he'd donate $6.6bn to the UN's Food Programme subject to describing how the money would be spent. We examine how AGI could donate this each year through to 2030.


The critical parts for reverse engineered AGI models

For real AI, we go beyond just words and incorporate logic and reasoning for smarter models, offering a path towards AI that can truly think and learn alongside us.

Reverse Engineered Models for AGI.jpg


AGI can't do much without one critical piece

It needs a representation model to see, think and simulate changes. 

Trust isn't just an AGI problem but wider business one

Trust within corporate workplaces lags considerably a long time before AGI.

The hallmarks of success in projects

Boldness, creativity and simplicity are critical success factors for AI to work

Four paradigms for functional AGI

Ethics & black-box transparency makes distributed AI, meshing & cognition top things

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