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AGI will create a first-in-a-lifetime group of trillionaires. It could be put to good use, with 10% living on less than $2 and another 71%  on less than $10 a day. With $13 trillion promised in new EVA by 2030, AGI could eradicate world poverty before then. Disengagement in HCM or human capital management today costs $8 trillion a year

Building an SPV for UBI

With a first-in-kind pay-by-results system, $6 million invested today will reap $6 billion for UBI by 2029. The forecasts are conservative. The mechanism by which it works and delivers monetary value is clear and certain.

New EVA on offer to corporations

Just 5% engagement grows revenues by 3%. With total shareholder returns growing between 9%-24% and 147 growth in EPS, the returns are large, as are deposits for UBI.

Can AGI grow workplace engagement

The unsolved problems in cutting disengagement leave AGI as the best fix. Growing trust in AI than their line managers pave a clear pathway for it in workplace management and human capital growth.

Novelty and robustness of our model

Four attributes of the machine learning model combine supervised, unsupervised, decentralised AGI development, visual-logical reasoning and abstraction into a single working system delivering real-world growth.

The scale of problems and how AGI could pave the way for PbR to cut  costs and grow income to put $6 to $10 billion P/A into UBI

A human and computational visualization models facilitating actionable insights with flow of reasoning & problem solving

AGI for HCM Brochure broadly covering what makes our product well suited for 2030 'state-of-the-art' today

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Where there's a will. There's always a way.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago - Warren Buffett

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